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Dessert Wines

NV Amrita

Nectary peach, apricot, and honeysuckle work
together in this late harvest Vidal Blanc, perfect
for stargazing. Demi-sec with a medium body.
Sip with blue cheese, pies, or drink as an apéritif.

Holding her vase of amrita, the holy nectar of
immortality, Guanyin spreads grace, peace, and
light throughout the world. Celebrate the power of
love, and share this wine with those you hold dear.

Gold Medal – 2017 Los Angeles International
Wine Competition
Silver Medal – 2017 San Diego International
Wine Challenge
Silver Medal – 2017 Finger Lakes International
Wine Competition
Silver Medal – 2017 Great American International
Wine Competition
Silver Medal - 2017 Great American International
Wine Competition
Gold Medal - 2017 The Best of New England
Wine Competition
Gold Medal – 2017 International
Eastern Wine Competition
Bronze Medal – 2015 International
Women’s Wine Competition

2012 Winterwine

Honey, white peach, apricot, and butterscotch
combine in this full-bodied Vidal Blanc. A
perfect balance of sweet and crisp, made
from frozen late-harvest estate-grown
grapes. Enjoy with baked apples, fruit tarts,
and warm creme brûlée.

Wintertime is a gift from nature. The season brings
tender moments, dear friends, and a warmth that
dispels the chilly air. Snuggle up to a loved one. Drink
this wine and savor fireside moments and tucked-in
comforts, embracing your own sentimental journey.

Bronze Medal – 2016 Big E
Northeast Gold Wine Competition

NV 42º Parallel Reserve

100% Chancellor. Tawny port style wine, oak-aged
with a vintage range of 1998-2010. A deep brick
color with rich aromas of fig and dates leading
to flavors of caramel, toffee and roasted nuts.
Medium-bodied and silky on the palette. Wonderful
with a variety of cheeses and pecan tarts.

This wine is reminiscent of older, classic times,
with velvety-warm armchairs and smoky twilight.
Precious and elegant, it was oak-aged just enough
to elicit the deep fruity tones of the earth.
Take time for yourself. Sip this wine and allow
your inner wisdom to surface.

Bronze Medal - 2017 Texsom International
Wine Awards
Silver Medal - 2016 Harvest Challenge
Gold Medal - 2015 Long Beach
Grand Cru Wine Competition
Sweepstakes Nominee - 2015 Long Beach
Grand Cru Wine Competition