The Sakonnet Tribe and Land

We feel their presence still. Jeweled with their essence, Sakonnet holds a history of natural beauty and plenty crystallized in the earth… Traces of them still bloom. Bound deeply to the earth and its bounty, the Sakonnet people once lived here. In their native tongue, the land was known as “the place where water pours forth.” Influenced by their presence, the earth calls back to its past in its soil, the roots.

With the arrival of a new world, Benjamin Church and the Plymouth settlers planted a legacy… Hear the trees and the wind’s sigh smoothing over the vineyard greens. Sounds which recall the great Sakonnet chief Awashonks, immortal in her terrain.

Queen of the Sakonnets, Awashonks led her people with grace and fearlessness. She forged strategic relations with Benjamin Church, an English settler, which blossomed into a lasting friendship.

With striking confidence she saw her people to safety through war, and endured political tensions—both within the community of colonists and her own tribe. Committed to independence and a pioneer in her own right, her deeds are visible to this day—deeds rooted in the earth, the earth woven with history, offering gifts of spiritual plenty.